After the purchase of a new patented aluminium forging technology, Hybrid Casting Forging method, Hydromec has also improved the manufacturing of a new series of hydraulic presses suitable for the production of aluminium pieces, owing to this innovative solution for the development of light-alloy components with high mechanical features, produced by the filling of the die cavity in low pressure (1 bar approximately), followed by a forging during the solidification phase, at a pressure up to 1.200 bar on the stamped item.

These presses, with four patented technical solutions and the new technology, can produce pieces with a forging time reduced of the 70% in respect to the gravity process and about 60% if compared to the low pressure process.

The produced item has a good weight reduction, which can be estimated around 30%.
More than this, the pieces have increased mechanical features and an almost perfect superficial finishing.
The surfaces are semigloss, without porosity, specially fit for the production of brass pieces to be chromed and aluminium components for automotive.

Production range from 2.000 kN to 25.000 kN.